Monday, September 2, 2013

Atomic Bomberman History

     Atomic Bomberman was developed by Interplay Entertainment Corporation, an American pc game publisher and developer, founded in 1983 by Brian Fargo named Interplay Productions.
     The game was release in year 1997 and it was the first original game of this type developed for Windows Platform. Atomic Bomberman was devekioed by an American team and licensed by Hudson Softt, but many titles of the bomberman series were created in Japan.
     Atomic Bomberman was the first game of the series with a dynamic gameplay and a multiplayer option, multiplayer on the same keyboard and after was released a version for multiplayer on LAN - Local Area Network over the IPX Protocol. The the game had a great succes, for that time the video graphics was superior to other games, using 3D characters and animated backgrounds.
     After some times the Team released a Level editor where the player can edit exsting maps and creat new maps, with this option many versions of maps were release by player on the internet.
     Some fans of the game Atomic Bomberman searched the game internal files and they found hidden voice packs and game options. Some of the sounds found on the game files were some strange characters swearing, on this audio files a player could edit the audio files or add new audio with their voice or music to replace the original game audio.
     Many updates and options were planned to be developed for this game but were never completed, as an example TCP LAN and online play.

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  1. It's really a pitty no one made it work exelent for online play. I tried it out with a friend (in 2011) on a older Himachi version (the recent versions didn't work) but still some lag. :(

    Even in 2014 this game could have a big potential cause it's one of the rare games that's even fun when ur lose!