Sunday, January 6, 2013

Atomic Bomberman fix color problem Windows 7 / 8

         How to run and fix Atomic Bomberman color problem in Windows 7 / 8 / Vista :
                       If you want to play the game over the Internet read this ARTICLE
                       You can Download the game from  HERE .

1.  Go to your Atomic Bomberman executable and run it in compatibility mode for Win XP,
( right click on BM95.exe --> Properties -->Compatibility--> check in Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP. )

2. To fix the Atomic Bomberman color problem you need to end explorer.exe process from Windows before open Bomberman. For this you need to run Atomic Bomberman from a .bat file which will close explorer.exe before starting bomberman and open it back when you exist.
     From what i seen, there are many versions of Atomic Bomberman on the web with different executable name, Download the .bat file for your version :

-If you start the game with BM95.exe Download link1     Download link2     Download link3
-If you start the game with BM97.exe Download link1    Download link2      Download link3
-If you start the game with Bomberman.exe Download link1    Download link2   Download link3

   After you download the file, copy it in your Atomic Bomberman folder and start the game with it.
( open the file normaly, NOT as administrator )

   If you want to make your own .bat file, create a text file, write the code for specific version, then go to File-->Save As... --> Save as type All Files --> File name : bomb.bat
       .bat file CODE :         
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe > NUL
start /B explorer.exe

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Atomic Bomberman online over the Internet on Windows 7 IPX

Atomic Bomberman is an old game that can be played on LAN only on IPX protocol. Windows Vista, 7 and 8 don't support IPX protocol.
         You can Download the game from  HERE

How to play on Windows 7, Vista and 8 online over the Internet :
   If you cannot play or start the game on Windows 7 / 8 read this ARTICLE

1. You need IPXWrapper( FREE software that can emulate IPX protocol to send data over UDP), download last version from here : IPXWrapper Download , unzip the archive and copy all files directly to your atomic bomberman folder. Install images below :
paste IPXWrapper filescopy IPXWrapper filescopy IPXWrapper files
Hamachi Atomic Bomberman

Now your Atomic Bomberman is ready to play on LAN,
   next step to play over the Internet :

2. You need Hamachi (FREE Virtual Private Network, play LAN games over Internet ), download last version from here :  direct download Hamachi or visit their site Hamachi, install it, create a new network and join it with your friends. After creating the new network, Hamachi should be like the right image . If the icon is not green or it show some exclamation sign, try to restart your pc. ( or hamachi windows service )

IPXWrapper Hamachi3.       Go to your Atomic Bomberman folder and run the file
ipxconfig.exe :  From Network adapters --> select Hamachi Network Interface and check in Enable interface, after that unckeck all other adapters from the list, select from Primary Interface --> Hamachi Network Interface, Apply and click ok. After that, the IPXWrapper should be like the right image.

4. Add your atomic bomberman to firewall exceptions or disable your Windows Firewall.
IPXWrapper.exe from Atomic Bomberman
    That's all, now you can create a LAN game and join from Internet, if you have any problems or questions write a comment :).

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